A lot happened in November and I’m happy to say that I stayed truthful to my trending theme and continued exploring all the fabulous fall trends that I wrote about. Cold weather is always my… View Post

Ever wondered how corset belt came to be? Here is my take on it. This fall, corset belt is my new favorite thing! In my previous post, I styled my mini dress with a corset belt; Today, I… View Post

Happy Saturday y’all! I just got back from Macau not too long ago and already fall in love with the Copai city! I always picture Macau a mini Las Vegas: gambles, luxurious, and a city… View Post

Waiting on the red light be like… Lincoln 1, 2, 3… That’s Hong Kong you guys people have no patience here. With National Day now said and done, so too is summer(kind of). We reluctantly get back into the swing… View Post

SUMATA! I’ve already got my eyes on Sumata room during my first tour at Solei Day Spa . “Sumatra” is an island in Indonesia surrounded by subsidence and landslides; also indicating wild thoughts, with a little peace of… View Post