Summer Starter Pack: A Good Pair of Freddy Pants is A Gamechanger | The Best Butt Jeans

I love fast fashion but, a good pair of jeans take time to scout for yet. To navigate the tricky rules of summer pants, get inspired by these Best Butt Jeans from Freddy Up.

My love about summer is always the beach waves, tan lines and crop tops.
The best piece to invest in is polka dots pattern, it simply adds a pop of color and edge to any look.

I love my Freddy Up pair (AIM FOR that dreaded ‘builder’s bum’ YAS!)
I’ve been wearing them with anything and everything so the investment is well worth it!
Didn’t photoshop on my butts and, their jeans and leggings are so different to anything I have seen as they really accentuate curves.
Although these high rise jeans is lower than expected, the non-slip features make them super comfy! Love the fit and flattering style.

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