#1 newest beauty must have: Facial Skin Scrubber

Holding Pink Skin Scrubber

I absolutely love beauty tools and the Gugug facial skin scrubber has to be one of my newest obsessions.

Why? After using the spatula my skin feels great and I feel like my products are being absorb so much better then before. It is like a deep cleansing facial, who doesn’t love that?!

How to use is pretty simple first it must be used on wet skin. You move the facial skin scrubber gently back and forth on the face without stopping. The Gugug facial skin scrubber has some great features I love which I go into below. It is not recommended to use everyday, I enjoy two to three times a week depending on my week. I did start slow at one day a week and gradually moved up to three days when I really need it.

I love that the facial skin scrubber is made of stainless steel which is safe to use on the skin. It has a great timer function that shuts off after 5 minutes so you can’t hurt your skin. Comes with 2 pieces of silicone covers. The silicone bristles side cleans your face on Cleansing Mode and the wavy side can be used with Lifting Mode to enjoy a facial massage. It is equipped with convenient charging sockets that uses a USB data cable to achieve fast charging.

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Adjustable 4 Modes:  The four modes included are cleansing, Ion +, Ion – and Lifting.

They each help in every stage of your face cleaning regimen:

Step 1:

Clean your face with facial foam, use steamer/ warm towel / spray to keep your face wet. Using “Cleansing Mode” the silicone bristles side helps clean residues of cosmetics.

Step 2:

Turn on the “Ion +” mode, say goodbye to blackheads and clogged pores.

Step 3:

Using essence, oil, or serum and turn on “Lifting” mode to give your face a massage.

Step 4:

Using essence, lotion, face mask and turn on “Ion-” mode, Great way to optimize the performance of your skincare products.

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