10 Ways To Stay Motivated

10 Ways To Stay Motivated

Sometimes it can be so hard to stay motivated. There are days when I get up and want to have a relaxing day, and put my attention on fun, rather than work. After following these tips below, I have become more motivated in my daily tasks and know when to have fun. Work comes first, play comes next!

  1. Give yourself goals, but not unrealistic ones. Realistic ones can help you get work done. These goals may be as simple as writing two pages of a book in one day or completing two phone calls in a day.
  2. Try something different: Go venture out and do something you’re not used to. It can be as simple as painting a picture or driving to a new farmers market.
  3. Create to-do lists: Lately on Instagram I’ve been seeing some of those who I follow type out their to-do lists and share them on their stories. This can help them be accountable and actually get things done instead of procrastinating or not completing the task all together.
  4. Do not have distractions! Do your work in a quiet place, no music or tv on in the background. You are more focused this way.
  5. Prepare for your daily tasks the night before. This way you are not rushed into your work. 
  6. Every so often if you feel overwhelmed with the tasks you do have to complete, take a breather outside and enjoy the fresh air.
  7. If you are working from home, get dressed in something other than pajamas. Even put some shoes on.
  8. Reward yourself once your tasks are completed. Maybe after a long day you grab a drink with some friends!
  9. Have a positive mindset and think you WILL complete the tasks. There’s no I CAN’T. 
  10. Do something you love!! Nothing worse than doing a job you hate!

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