5 outfits to kiss 2018 goodbye – from casual to cocktail (No Clichés Allowed) | NYE Outfits #2019

5 outfits to kiss 2018 goodbye – from casual to cocktail (No Clichés Allowed) | NYE Outfits #2019

If ever there was a right time to show off an outfit, it would be on NYE! I
‘ve rounded up 5 outfits to make the last moments of 2019 memorable.
To ring in 2019 as the timeless fashionista you are, now is the time to try something different.
Here are the five NYE-worthy looks to copy all year long

Rule #1: Be a head-turner.
It’s impossible to not have fun in a leopard-printed mini dress. Flattering and classy, a silk dress is the type of wardrobe essential that you can always depend on. Comfy, chic, and sexy (Champagne and confetti sold separately)
Grab a mini Chanel and pull your hair to the side for a full effect.
Curl your hair for a night as graceful as you are.
A soft and tasteful look, this chilli midi dress will accentuate your figure — while still allowing you to eat the majority of prosciutto and cakes. But hey, calories don’t count when it comes to celebration. Am I right? Diet starts tomorrow!
On New Year’s Eve, Kendall set the bar high for 2019 by wearing a neon green top (a color you’ll definitely see more of come 2019).
Copy that, I am successively wearing one in a sweater dress from lovers + friends .
Are you feeling this neon look?💚
Cozying up in these two-toned sweater and Mommy jeans!
As a pretty ensemble, the appearance of a sweater with loose jeans will also have you looking fashionable while feeling comfortable. In regards to shoes, your classic black booties or sneakers (so you can dance all night) will always do the trick.

Take a break from off-the-shoulders, and try a cold-shoulder sweater dress instead. Just add a Dior saddle pairing with knee boots.

There are so many thoughts in the mix of 2018, the goods and bads.
I like to keep my New Year’s resolution to myself as I am the “walk the talk” kind of girl.
All I can say is, I am excited for what is coming, the happier, and the better I become this year.
Tell me yours below or in the comment box on my recent IG post!
Happy New Year bbys!
*Open Arms to you muah*

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