All red affair

All red affair

My hair finally said YES!

My hair has been a journey since 2016. It was all begin with the trends of sliver/gray hair. I have watch millions of Youtube tutorials, research local salons, I was so crazy about getting that icy Elsa hair color, and I did it! I’ve got a lot of compliments, even by walking down the grocery aisle (No shame)- I got to admit, having this cool tone color really brought my haircare knowledge onto another level. I gain more exposure and followers on social media (Mostly on Instagram) because of my hair. Over the past year, sliver hair has served me well and I am ready to move on (Just ‘cus who doesn’t like a change?)

Back at @oddfellowscafe again! It has almost been a year since last time I came to this little cute alley. Me and my friend accidentally ordered a ‘rice cake’ fries and we had to use forks and knifes to eat them lol (We were confused, no manners all finger food please)

Many  thanks to Cindy (@hellocindeee) did a retouch to my hair, I know my DIY skill is terrible 😛 And my favorite cameraWOman & guru @smith.studio taking my photos, I know you love my new camera too.

Can’t wait to get hair extensions for my new color! Jet black or natural black hmmm… What do you think?

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