AMA: How to monetize and create a gorgeous feed on Instagram?

 Have you ever wondered how influencers create their beautiful feed? I began my Instagram journey since junior year of high school and I’ve got to say, I had no clue how to edit photos and create thoughtful contents. (And don’t even bring that money making part one up, I wasn’t thinking about that at all!)

Just in these past few years, Instagram has transformed to an ‘agency’ where brands & influencers can collaborate and share the things they both love to the world.

Ask me anything! Leave me a comment down below and I promise I’ll get and send all the loves back to you all xo
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What do you like most about being an instagram influencer?

Dec 14, 8:32PM EST0

How do I make an income  from posting Instagram photo’s?

Dec 14, 8:27PM EST0

can i earn money with my instagram, if yes how?
Dec 14, 6:53PM EST0

How do I make an income from posting Instagram photo’s?

Dec 14, 2:56PM EST0

I think photo editing info always helps ppl out

Dec 13, 9:37PM EST0

How do I use instagram with my site asfut.com where we sell music and promote videos?

Dec 13, 6:49PM EST0

How to earn money from Instagram?

Dec 13, 4:14PM EST0

Which photo editing technique would you recommend?
Dec 13, 12:02PM EST0

How to make an eye catchy photo that is worthy reposting?

Dec 13, 7:13AM EST0

How I can manage successfully my Instagram account?

Dec 13, 4:11AM EST0

Is it always advisable to put text/s on pictures posted on IG? or my own logo/watermarks?
Dec 12, 10:10PM EST0


How did you come up with this idea?

Dec 12, 9:56PM EST0

How much time do you spend on the upkeep of your IG account? Are there any courses that you would recommend?

Dec 12, 6:42PM EST0

What industry do you think has the biggest success rate on instagram as of today?

Dec 12, 10:14AM EST0

How long would you say you spend on IG each day?

Dec 12, 6:28AM EST1
Dec 12, 6:16AM EST0

In the future where do you hope your blog will take you?What would you say about biggest challenge in blogging?

Dec 12, 4:19AM EST0


Would you encourage others to make their blogs? What is special about that?

Dec 11, 10:48PM EST0

What advice do you give others about growing your following on Instagram?

Dec 11, 10:26PM EST1

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