Before Dark

Before Dark

Back my favorite city LALA land! I know my belly is ready for yummy food!
The London West Hollywood

Not bragging or anything, I am the best rooftop/outdoor restaurant seeker among your friends. Chilling by the sunset is just becomes part of my daily ritual, which is also why I am a fan of summer. The longer day we get, the longer time I could enjoy the golden hours.

Small bites are my favorite dishes because I get to taste a bit of everything! I don’t watch my macros when I am out eating, it is just my brain does all the work: “you need some proteins, carbs, and veggies” in your meal. Oh, I eat pretty bad and when I said I need carbs, I meant FRIES! (You will find out more about my addiction to fries in my future foodie posts.)

We got some spare time before heading to our dinner place, and guess where we went? Test driving at Tesla! It was weird to drive a car without an engine noise (it gives me butterflies with car does that). I love everything about this brand, the interior, the concept, but my next one, it would still going to be a SUV, with a gas tank. LOL

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Another One! Day 2 at The Sixty Beverly Hills

I wish I had a chance to get a picture by the pool but it was too packed! Thankfully the rooftop lounge was empty (because everyone was soaking in the sun and neglect the drinks). As much as how much I love the “baking” weather, it was way too hot to stay out that we had to go back in as soon as we finished our meals.

See how hot it was? The seats were baked that I had to put my shorts underneath my seats! It wasn’t even hit a 100 degrees! Me and my friend were planning to drive up to Palm Spring for the Joshua Park and I am soooo glad that we didn’t- I would die over the heats.
More LA trip posts coming up! Stay tuned and baked xo.

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