Benefits of Vitamin D/Getting Sunlight

Benefits of Vitamin D/Getting Sunlight

I always feel so much better relaxing in the sun! I feel bad for those who live in places where it rains and there are clouds with rarely any sun!

Here are the benefits:

  • Improves emotional health
    • The sun is so relaxing, there’s no stress to be had and can keep you staying positive and have a great outlook on life.

  • Improves your sleep
    • Your body produces melatonin, which is needed to help you sleep. 30 minutes to an hour of sunlight will make you feel sleepy and can help you sleep better during the night. It always wears me out!

  • Weight loss
    • For some, this can actually help shed weight on their bodies. 20-30 minutes of morning sunlight might really help!
  • Get stronger bones
    • Vitamin D (from the sun) allows the body to absorb phosphate and calcium better in people’s diets. These are needed to maintain healthy bones, muscles, and teeth.

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