#DancingInARoom Steve Madden x EZI | Influence Her Collective | MaddenGirlz

#DancingInARoom Steve Madden x EZI | Influence Her Collective | MaddenGirlz

November is full of joy and festive of all months.
For me it is like an open arm to the holiday season, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New year.
Wouldn’t you agree? And hey, it’s my birthday month! (Top right “Add to calendar”)I love all of the fall outfits that become available during this time of year,
and I love wearing cozy sweaters pairing with something edgy at the bottoms-
Ankle boots. They have been a staple in my closet, and it’s totally worth the investment.

A princess dress can make a daytime debut with an edgy ankle boots.
I wore my black AADEN heeled boots during my entire Singapore trip (yes they’re comfy like that).
So versatile – jeans, dress, whatever! (I am a Gen Y) I love them not only they are sexy and comfortable,
pumps from Steve Madden can accentuate any outfit.
From classic looks to trendy takes, their pump shoes and boots are ready to rock my walk.

This post is sponsored by Steve Madden and Her Campus Media.
All opinions are my own.
Check out EZI’s upcoming tour here

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