Day Party

Day Party

Pssst… I am getting headache again. And no, I did not do it for the camera, the sun made me do it!

Can’t believe July is already here! Just got back from LA and I’ve got to say, I am not proud of myself: I did not get enough of tan! My friends told me I do look browner but, I expected more, like glossy sun kisses tone you know what I mean?
All good. Seattle is back on track after all those rainy days, I can proudly say it is officially summer here! Though it is a bit chilly when the sun goes down, it is still bearable to sit outside and lay down (Picturing with a fire pit).


Current obsession update: I love buckle belts! They give me an illusion of slimmer waist and an addition to your outfit. We all know white top and jeans are always good idea, adding an oversized belt (or simply a logo or ring belt) would give you a vivid and stylish look. I like how this belt made in elastic, that I don’t have to unbuckle every time I need a ladies’ room break. (Too much detail? Nah you need these pro tips)

Oh, before I go, happy birthday America!

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