Fight With Acnes: Does Acne Free Really Work?

Fight With Acnes: Does Acne Free Really Work?

I thought acne was just for teenagers,
until these couple months with tons of traveling,
my skin has been acting up and have been using acne products
out in the market but they did not work out on my skin.
(I am 23 years old and am married to clean eating diet,
sometime I indulge but usually that only happens 1-2 times a week).
My face was constantly a vibrate shade of red, something
that was hard to hide even with makeup.
I have recently switched to Acne Free Adapalene Gel
and my skin took it very well. Just give it time and be patient!


Here are some benefits and why I chose Acn Free:

It’s a topical retinoid and only need to apply once daily

Previously only available by prescription

Dermatologist recommended and developed

Less irritation to skin than traditional retinoids

I have been using this product for one week.
The first couple days my acne became horrible.
Now over one week I have new and clearer skin developing.
The medication continues to dry my skin and
I have started to use just a little lotion on the dry spots.
Consistency is key!

Acne Free is now available on Amazon.com,
Walmart, Walgreens, and will be available CVS in January 2020!
This is a sponsored post in partnership with Acne Free and the InfluenceHer Collective.
All words and opinions are my own.

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