First Time to LA? Check Out These Places!

First Time to LA? Check Out These Places!


You may have heard that Malibu is the beach town everyone wants to visit! Lots of celebrities live there, and you might see one just by walking around in Cross Creek, or the town center. And there are a ton of beaches, many of them like Zuma public so anyone can go. These, I feel, is the main attraction, of Malibu. People come from all over the world just to see people and relax for a day or two. And of course to eat at the many seafood restaurants along the coast, all serving the freshest fish.

Downtown LA

It’s unlike any other part of LA. It has history. Many of the buildings are in the style of Art Deco, dating from the early 1900’s, and others are compteley futuristic – like LA in general, downtown in a hodge-podge of themes and styles. There are streets and views that are familiar from many movies, The Chinatown district has the best chinese food the area can bring (be sure to grab some dim sum!) alongside some fun specialty grocery stores. Art galleries and the amazing Disney Concert Hall are the best there are on the west coast.

Hollywood Sign and Griffith Observatory

Hike to the Hollywood sign for the most spectacular views of Los Angeles and the ocean. There are several trails leading up from Hollywood Blvd, but it can get very hot so be sure to bring some cold water. Nearby is the Giffith Observatory, also with breathtaking city views, and telescopes to scan the nght sky. Only a few minutes drive from downtown, this corner of LA has to be on anyone’s list of things to do on a visit.


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