Hair Mistery?

Hair Mistery?

I swear emerald wasn’t my plan!

If you’ve strolled through my Instagram posts, you will see my hair is always full of surprise. Not too long ago, I had an incredibly amazing, dreamy lilac hair professionally done by the best guru Cindy.
And now what? Peacock, mermaid, Molv huh? You name it.

The fact that when you wanted something so so bad, you’d want something else, just never been the same. Like my hair per se, I desperately wanted silver/gray tone and it almost took me a year to achieve the exact color I wanted, without fading. Here is one thing you should know about women: We like impulsive, intensity, and choice. (Can’t speak for all the ladies, but if you like food then yes)
As much as how I obsessed with cool tone Princess Elsa’s hair, I like changes too.

You want to know (or not) how I get to this color? Either way all I used was a box of semi-black blended with a drop of blue additive! Lol It’s funny how my hair reacted to black right? Well if you think it artistically, imagine mixing yellow (I had a silver-blond undertone if you recall) and blue, BAMM, simple Math right?

Does anyone tried Sugar Bear Hair Gummies? Should I get it or nay?

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