Here comes the sun

Here comes the sun

Who is ready for some Sun Kisses? I know I am!

Let’s take a moment to appreciate this beautifully decorated couch, well actually, not just the couch, the entire place!

Friendly reminder: Visit before noon or early evening unless you are here just for drinks! They serve Brunch and dinner only and apparently my brunch hours were way passed the society clock fml. (Just kidding, I’m not sorry)

It couldn’t be easier to wear your optimism. All you need is a mini dress with an irresistibly Gingam print.
Every girl should own an off-shoulder (of course you can have more than one) dress. I just simply love the beauty of that it shows your collar bones and a little side of your sexiness without showing too much of your skin.

Guys you have no idea how excited I am for warmer weather! This Spring, I am all out for color of red. Instead of words, I’ll let the color speak for my heart.❤️

Always a spot seeker, any restaurant recommendation the West coast babies? Drop me a line x.
Place: @sainthelenscafe

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