Honey Mustard

Honey Mustard

We’re all about the bodysuit right now because what’s better than a shirt that never rides up? Wearing a warm beige version under a sweater from Free People (Similar).

 This year has gone by so quick and I am very grateful for what I have and the people I surrounded with. Just like picking out good avocados, when you found the perfect Olive green-not-too-soft ones, you keep them.

Emerging from college to the people world, it was not easy for me at first. I was way too comfortable even though I always have big dreams in mind. I was crying like a baby and calling my mom to explode. Everyone has their moments right? I think that was it. Growing up, I rarely cry because I often find the solution than focusing on problems. But for the first time, Athena collapsed (Wait no… The first time I gave it to my totaled car. LOL).
But oh well,  I have a very weird talent that I can self-produce happy dose so that didn’t last very long because I kept telling myself, by the end of the day, you’re still strong and pretty no matter what happened.
Embrace the goods and the bads just because they both are parts of the journey on growing up. You wouldn’t know what’s good if you’ve never taste the bads right?
Still a learner. Always a learner.


My best friend asked me, how do you feel about being 21st? And I said, the strongest suit. Stay here and don’t crack😂.
Here’s the secret magic to anti-aging and glowy skin.

Ladies! In your twenties: Be selfish with your time, and all the aspects of you.
It’s your selfish years so treat yourself. Be respectful. Love a lot, love a little.

Thank you for all the blessings for my cake-cake day. Athena will remain beautifully joyful and more positive vibes spreading.
Get it get it💋

Had fun collaborating with Natalie! Go follow her on Instagram: @natalie.j.catalie✨

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