Hot and Cold

Hot and Cold

How was your Vday love? Mine was sweet and dedicated to chocolate.

Depress and long rainy days did not kill my vibe going out and eating good. Though it was surprisingly sunny here in Seattle today! Got me even more excited (for FOODDD!)
Been exploring Cali-like cafes and restaurants in the PNW. Here and now, Hot Cakes just checked off the list!
I am not usually a huge fan of getting chocolate dessert because of its master level of sweetness. But oh well, who can ever say no to triple melted chocolate cake right?

This was from the V-day’s special Menu called Spicy Molten Cake, pairing with a spoon of vanilla ice cream- HEAVENLY! Like oh my god. (I know I make A LOT weird sound when I am eating yummy food, yeah probably way too much)
Just like some other things I like in life: If I like them, I will show with my 100% interest and intention.

Be sure to check out @getyourhotcakes (Instagram) if you’re a sweet tooth like me. (Oftentimes I only down for ice-cream FYI) Come share what is your favorite thing about February 14th and don’t forget to spread the love!😘

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