In The Mood For Love

In The Mood For Love

Spring is here! Who is ready to fall in love?

Hold your horses, I am talking about beers! I don’t usually get excited about drinking beers but when there’s a list of options and flavors you can choose from, you just can’t help it. (AND most importantly, they have fried chicken on the side menu. I mean, it’s a crime not to order yourself a beer, right?)

Here’s me struggling on what to order. Of course I did ask the server what are the top notches; of course I did have the server make a several trips to our table. ‘Cus I take food very seriously. #NoChill

One bit of good news for you gentlemen, beer is also considered a ‘cooling’ drink, and is even called ‘”Gweilo Leung Cha (Herbal tea)”. There’s even a beer brand called “Gweilo”. Gimmick but charming, you can’t say no to that.

One good thing about being home is that you can share stuff with your siblings. I was wandering at home and sneaking into my sister’s room, and I saw these I was like, dang girl, where did you find these? They’re so my type and are mine now. 🙂

Introducing my one recent, biggest favorite trend! Super in love with this embroidered blouse. I always have a thing with white blouses. I like the simplicity, the purity, and the flexibility (that fits well in everything).

Who’s your favorite Hong Kong movie star? Are you guys familiar with Maggie Cheung? She is my inspiration on so many levels!

Place: Central SoHo, Hong Kong

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