Is getting a chemical peel worth it? | Fuerte Skin

Is getting a chemical peel worth it? | Fuerte Skin

 I have been struggled with severe not only severe cystic acne over the years
although that has subsided pretty much entirely now but after that I’ve struggles with the aftermath of all of the acne scarring
and I have done so many random acne scarring at-home treatments which never get validated on my skin.

And so as soon as beauty clinic reopened, I decided to give it a go and do something completely different than anything I’ve ever done:
Chemical peels. What are the benefits of chemical peels? Chemical peels have been around for a long time for good reason. It is a medical procedure that uses chemicals to improve the appearance of the skin on you face, hands and neck.
These chemicals gently remove the dead skin cells (keratin) and the procedure involves a lot of spraying water/ solution to help the dirt peel off.

What ingredients are used in chemical peels?

At Fuerte Skin they use superficial chemical peels products with mixed AHA and BHA,
which exfoliate the epidermal layers of the skin without going beyond the basal layer of the skin

Is it worth the hype/ what to expect after a chemical peel?

My skin peel over a few days after the treatment, since blockage removed, I was able to see some whiteheads
or small pimple coming out and don’t worry, mild skin shredding is totally normal!
My skin is now looking more radiant, firmer looking skin and gives me a fresh Spring glow
that takes less time than a visit to a hair stylist and is a perfect way to celebrate the end of winter gloom!
A MUST remember to wear a good quality physical SPF after your chemical peel treatment.

This post is sponsored by Fuerte Skin. All opinions are on my own.

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