Jeep Luver

Jeep Luver

Riding around town with this bad boy, and I feel GANGSTER! Okay maybe my boots were a little over for the weather, but meh~ In LA, you sweat even in bathing suits anyway. I was just sending my beautiful legs to a Sauna session how about that?😗

Lately I have been obsessed with oversized/Men’s clothing. When it comes to t-shirt, I feel like designers put more efforts in Men’s than Women’s.
Good thing is, we get to wear Men’s clothing with no judgement (because TomBoy sounds better than gay); even better, I can wear them as a dress! #hellopetitelife

I know July just arrived not too long ago but I am soooo excited for August already! More flights, more travels, more coconut trees to catch.🍉
Stay posted xo

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  1. October 31, 2017 / 01:29

    Poses are superb and good.I believe you should be taking these photos somewhere close to nature as well

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