Just Another Night

Just Another Night

Waiting on the red light be like… Lincoln 1, 2, 3… That’s Hong Kong you guys people have no patience here.

With National Day now said and done, so too is summer(kind of). We reluctantly get back into the swing of things, like closed-toe shoes and hair brushes.
Not my Fall wardrobe though! Still love walking around town in my wedges and tieing up my hair because I take my strolls VERY seriously. 
Miu Miu for the day! I kept my top and bottom super simple so that I can play around on my details.
Red and gold are my current go-to colors, they make such a great balance of getting yourself look glamourous and seductive (and nothing provocative) at the same time..

Like most denim pieces, you can throw these Flare Jeans on without giving it too much thought, and the slim fit is so flattering.

Did you know that you can style your blouse in 7 different ways?
Stay tuned my lovelies. xo

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  1. October 24, 2017 / 04:49

    Wow it is great that you can style the blouse in 7 different ways and it is great that you had a fashionable time in Hong Kong. I like the jeans !

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