Keep Sake

Keep Sake

In this major heat, pick your hydrate: Lemonade or Rosé?
I’ll take the latter.
My summer go-to (wine) diet is fresh and crisp aka white and Rosé.
I normally do white only when I am at events, or with bigger groups (because I am very loyal and dedicated to red).
But this Rosé from Vital just blew my mind.

These magnum size bottles are bigger than my head.
I was so surprised that they did not make these sizes in their champagne collection hmm… #Extras

Didn’t get a good picture of my cheese board because I was too naughty and ate them before the camera.
(Well I did some “during” shots and they still look great in my opinion. #smh)
Sometimes I feel like it is such a waste not to take a picture before my feast; at the same time, I would want to spend some quality off-iPhone time and eat good with friends. It’s a dilemma right? Or it is just a girly thing?

The flight we ordered came with four chef selections: from mild, buttery flavors, semi-hard aged, to smoky blue.
I absolutely LOVE the brie and blue cheese; and clearly I was love blinded by these two that  I can’t remember what were the other ones.
Just like all other things in life, you have to try out everything to find out what is good for you.
I found my heart falls in tempting buttery flavors and subtle nutty hints. I think it makes a good balance while pairing with (my favorite type) earthy/smoky flavor.
Didn’t get a chance to write much about this look in this post, I got a little bit too excited sharing my love for wine. But I have got to say, this is one of my favorite outfits in summer. I was pairing this Ja’dore Bralette (Affordable here) with jeans and I did not know there are so many ways to style and play around with my bralettes without showing too much of my skin. Now that I know and I am going to share more on how to take one piece of clothing and style it in different ways!
Stay posted. xo

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  1. October 3, 2017 / 19:41

    Love your style and your dress is perfect

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