Keeping it Low Key | The Summer Must-Have Crop Tops | April Favorite

Keeping it Low Key | The Summer Must-Have Crop Tops | April Favorite

Hello people! Time to fold your sweaters and coats back to your wardrobe because Spring has finally Sprung!
Sliding into warm weather is about mixing it up, cuddling loud colors and amping up with accessories.Spring and summer is perfect for introducing cropped and silk tops. Not only because they are so easy to style with,
they combine all the ladylike structure with edgy details that allow you to span weekdays luncheons to weekend evenings out!
Wearing this piper wrap top from By the way. The puffy sleeves gave me a moment from sweating (we’re already confronting major heats of 85 degree in April, also tons of walking in Hong Kong. LOL) but hey, I am dress-well-or-die-trying kind of girl, and I think that is a good way to test out the waterproof level of my new BECCA Highlighter ? My glowy game still staying strong with my sweat layered on top, what do you say? #unbeatable
Mini backpacks and heeled wedges are always IN the season. They give a new fresh look and feel with touch of sexy and extra visual interest to your looks. This mini Louis Vuitton backpack is my current crush, you can simply pair with an easy denim  and makes a perfect outfit from day to night occasion.
I have been obsessed with high waisted denims since my first year of college. I always have a thing with 80s-90s’ trends. Movies, music, fashions, and so on- everything was so authentic and elegant. Oh boy, I wish I was born in those eras.
Isn’t that weird? I am a huge fan of artificial intelligence that I think it is going to take over humans’ future, well 38% of our lives at least; at the same time, I wish there is a time machine where it could take us back to a simpler time, more appreciation, less alone time.
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BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter Gradient Glow

Outfit 2
*Showing up to the event be like…*
Yeah, lay it on me, I am your favorite Tommy girl today!
Remember I was wearing a mustard crop hoodie in Santa Monica last summer? I was labeled as a Tommy girl ever since then.
I styled with a skinny scarf with an oversized bow leather skirt to give some addition of an edgy but causal look.

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I have been discovering the SNOW app filters and I am obsessed! (I am such a slow walker, but please, let me be happy)
What is your favorite photo app(s) for retro vibe/Polaroid alike filters?
Share with me so I can be excited and spread the joy!
I’ll tag you on my post so you can judge! hehe

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  1. April 25, 2018 / 16:48

    I love the look of the wrap around straps! It’s so stylish. The mini backpacks are so hot too. One of my favorite accessories to see. Love this post!

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