The Magic of Not Giving a F***/ 2018 resolution

The Magic of Not Giving a F***/ 2018 resolution

Happy 2018 my loves!
I hope you’ll excuse my language because there is more where that came from.
Don’t get me wrong, I am very nice in person (I mean, you can easily tell from my innocent face right?😗)

Bet y’all are burnt from anything start off with “New Year Resolution” or “New year, New Me”.
Before you judge, allow me to say: I find them very interesting to read and see how is everyone taking their “goals” off the grill by the end of the year.
It doesn’t matter who wrote them, a high profile celebrity, or a low key self-made billionaire/trillionaire- Choose the ones that are powerful enough to inspire you.

“Humans are social animals.” There is absolutely no doubt on that.
We conform to trends, seek to fit in with crowds, and we want to be liked by others; the tricky part is how you manage your pool and share your love to each one of them.
There was time when I used to think going to a cool party and hang with “cool” people is they way of socializing and “having fun”; that did not last very long(thank god);
I had the right people/mentors and a few good reads to drag me out from this b*tch.

People come and go, unexpected kindness from acquaintances reveals true relationship so let go of friends and things that were not worth to spend time with/makes you unhappy; give extra damns to the things/people that matter to you.
Time and happiness are the things we cannot afford to lose.

Alright, long story short, my goal this year is,
I’d like to learn something new, I’d like to also be able to organize what I have.
More better and greater years to come, make sure to be excited with open arms for new opportunities and people walk in to your life! Stay ready so you don’t have to be ready.😉
*a round applause*

Love you all xoxo

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  1. Helene Kusman
    January 15, 2018 / 05:32

    Love this mentality!

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