More Than One Thing

More Than One Thing

It is really easy for me to get – and stay – comfortable – PM on a rooftop? My thing.

To me, going to a restaurant, or bar, the three things I care about is the ambiance, lighting, and most importantly – Customer service.
Growing up in an Asia country, you pay what you pay for; in fact, most of the times tips are not required in a restaurant!
If the server did not treat me right, I just simply don’t pay.
(Or I will behave sometimes and round up the numbers)
And The Nest met all my criterias.

See anything so yum before? I am talking about the view!
No food was served on the table because my Uber Eats driver was on his way!
I felt bad ordering food outside the restaurant but chef! girls gotta eat.
New request for you: French fries on menu.

I am extremely in love with the brush feature on Instagram story! I have been playing around with almost every single of my picture. Lol
Hey I am an artist!

You liking my black hair? Butt length hair is my goal!

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