Believe me, Los Angeles is not as warm as you seen on pictures, the sun is lying! But who cares? Forget about the fifty degrees just because everything (like every single corner) is photogenic here- not your nipples, but free your sleeves and pants, your camera will thank you later .

I swear I did not plan for doing any shopping at all! I am a huge fan of online shopping (getting that presents from the mail you feel me unicorns?), but Nasty Gal is that one exception you got to blast in their changing rooms.

I’m not going to lie but whenever I do walk-in at clothing store, I pretty much spend at least an hour in the changing room. With these mirrors, oh my god, you have no idea how tempting they are, like seriously. I came here in early Spring this year and me and my friend gone crazy on spending hours here. Lol #allgirlsproblems But hey, if that’s what makes you happy, you do it for your own good.




YAS you know where my eye-cream is.🍦

Okay just a couple hours before heading the airport… Look what I found right across the pink wall! (Paul Smith’s at Melrose Avenue) They stole my heart instantly with these hot-thick-welcoming (yes it’s in one word) lips. I was not planning to go inside but here’s this guy told me I should get a drink that you can draw whatever on your cup- and I was like, wow sure I’ll do it!😀 (gullible af)

This place though. I mean. I sure am gullible while making wise decision. Always love checking out new places and of course more good FOOOOD! My appetite was not ready for the food menu but their cappuccinos and lattes are sure top notches. Americano has always been my favorite but I wanted my own ruffle so bad, I had to get a latte (with just a little extra milk on top to make sure I got the prettiest face in my cup).

It’s a PUPPY and I can’t! It took me awhile on my first sip because it was too cute for a latte!

Make sure to check out #lafashioncorner2016 ! Thank you for having me💋

2017 is right around the corner, what’s in your bucket list?

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