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  • 今日終於去了Lumière 體驗一直很火的升級版細胞再生系統療程。 全新尖沙咀旗艦店,坐擁近 6,000 呎面積,飽覽維港景色。設計利用大面採光的優勢,配以穿透感的獨特設計,無論喺邊個位置自拍和欣賞景色都無”死角”! 品牌介紹 Lumière除了提供高效安全專業脫毛服務,研發出雙效極緻脫毛技術,亦是細胞再生權威,研發出極緻療效專研團隊監察機制, 制定以安全、高效及專業服務為本的完善機制,逐一擊破肌膚細胞衰老根源,解決因細胞衰老產生的各種肌膚問題: 什麼是升級版細胞再生系統? 細胞再生系統從肌源著手,以嚴謹療程架構由表皮層開始更生煥發肌源,激活皮膚細胞從外至內階段式啟動細胞自我修復防禦及新生機制, 活化及重啟深層細胞再生力量,從肌源持續倍效激活新生膠原和彈性蛋白,提升 細胞密度,鞏固肌底支撐力。 輸送高效幹細胞及維他命修復因子,活化及滋養新生健康細胞,持久永續年輕緊 緻肌膚狀態。 升級版細胞再生系統有效徹底解決 6 大細胞衰老問題:毛孔、皺紋、色斑、缺水、鬆弛和暗瘡。 醫學實證: 毛收收細-54% 暗瘡疤痕改善-58% 疤痕色素減淡-33% 皺紋減淡-42% 上眼瞼變緊+22% 細滑度提升+56% 皮膚改善持續 3 個月+58% 提升細胞密度+103% 為何我們需要細胞再生系統? 讓人困擾的肌膚問題皆源於肌膚細胞失去健康、受損及衰老所引起,因此單單針對問題表徵的療程並不能長效 徹底解決問題, 必須從肌源再生著手,啟動細胞自我修復及新生機制,全面性從外至內徹底解決因細胞受損及 衰老的肌膚問題。 全港獨有「升級版細胞再生系統」(針對年輕肌皮膚): 『SHA 煥發肌源更生療程』:…

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  • Teeth Straightening | Invisible Aligners | Wonder Smile

    Teeth Straightening | Invisible Aligners | Wonder Smile

    I made the decision to get Wonder Smile aligners as an adult because
    although my teeth have always looked pretty OK on camera;
    I’ve had continuous issues with my bite and
    jaw after having traditional metal braces while I was 14 years old.
    Plus, I noticed my teeth started to shift rapidly once
    I entered my 20s(also the time when I kissed goodbye to chewing gums).
    So, I decided to take the shot and get some adult orthodonture.

    Throughout your dental journey,
    you would only need one initial consultation with an orthodontist
    for a 3D scan of your teeth to determine the eligibility and
    allow us an in-depth look into the current status of your teeth.
    And from there,
    they will email you your prescribed treatment plan and
    ship the aligner kit direct to your home
    within 10 business days after your consultation date!

    Your treatment option:
    1.) All Day Aligner: 20 hours a day, appx. 6 months duration
    2.) NightClear: 10 hours a day, appx. 10 months duration

    Due to work nature, I have to talk and social a lot.
    Choosing NightClear is more convenient
    because I don’t need to remove them when eating or drinking during the day.
    Also, no one has to see me wearing them
    because I only wear them at nighttime!

    The aligners are custom-made and fit directly onto your teeth,
    shifting them into position. They’re kind of like retainers,
    except you wear them all day
    as opposed to just at night for 10 hours.

    (Unfortunately due to medical reasons,
    you must be under the age of 45 for
    The scan is then sent to our orthodontics team and lab where it is this option).

    It’s highly recommended that you don’t drink
    anything other than water when you have your aligner in,
    especially coffee, tea, and sugary beverages like juice and wine.

    What’s in the box?

    Each Wonder Smile Aligner Kit includes:
    Invisible Aligner Guide, Customized Aligners,
    Emery board, Retainer, Chewies, Case, and Hooks

    It’s going to hurt sometimes!


    Whenever I put in a new tray (every 3 weeks),
    I can count on it being tight and my teeth feeling sore for the first two or three days.
    In other words, if you feel the soreness,
    meaning that the new aligner tray you wear is starting to
    shift your teeth into proper position.

    My projected timeline is 10 months and I’m coming up
    on finishing my fifth refinement (4.5 months now);
    chances are I’m still going to need more,
    and I don’t plan on quitting.
    It has greatly improved my smile, bite, and alleviated some jaw pain.

    After all, I’ve made this far. And here comes to another fruitful year. 🎊🎉

    Note: please consult with an orthodontist before deciding to pursue aligner or any other orthodontic treatment.

    This post is sponsored by Wonder Smile, all opinions are on my own. S
    ave HKD800 using my code “ANG800”.


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