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  • The Good Girls Are Back!

    The Good Girls Are Back!

    The queens are back! Say whose?
    I am partnering up with InfluenceHer Collective and NBC to share my one of my favorite shows Good Girls.

    This story talks about the three best friends Ruby, Beth and Annie.
    Ruby works in a nail salon, Beth works in a stationary store and Annie works as a valet.
    are tired of following rules and having everything taken away from them (debts, a cheating husband,
    and one works a minimum wage job) so they decide to rob a local supermarket for some quick dirty money.
    Good girls gone bad, once they got a taste of being a criminal, they’re in for more than just the money,
    but the power, and respect – Their empire.

    Who is your favorite Good Girl? Mine is Beth, especially when she is bad.
    I love seeing the Beth and Rio duo and I hope Rio is not dead! They are too hot for each other!
    Check out this video of Kelz joins die-hard Good Girls fans Leli Hernandez, Brittany Hampton and Brandi King
    as they dig into the most infamous crimes and misdemeanors on the girls’ records.

    Are you a fan or new to this show?
    You can watch season 1 & 2 on Netflix if you need to catch up and
    season 3 on NBC every Sunday @9pm!


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