Places to go in Seoul | Winter Travel Guide

Places to go in Seoul | Winter Travel Guide

Okay my loves! Time for some recaps on my Seoul trip! I know I am a little behind schedule. If you watched my Instagram story, you probably already know that my site was encountering some technical issues and went down for almost two weeks.
Good news is… Attirestudios.com is back ON LIVE!
This is my third time visiting Seoul. You all know, I am a point-to-point and home chilling type of girl, I Uber & Airbnb whenever I go on travel. I just love talking with random people, I think that is the way(very cliche to say) to learn the culture. LOL

Twin City Namshan. One main reason I enjoy traveling with Airbnb is I often get so much inspiration from the host’s decor and little details of their homes. I have thought about being an interior designer when I was younger, but I’ve got to face the reality is that: I cannot draw. I guess I just love idea of visual pleasure rather than being a profession.

It was 25 degrees in Seoul! I did not bring many Winter jackets with me, not only because my-love-for-Canada-Goose-is-real-and-that-is-all-I-need, you can easily get one in every underground mall (affordable and usually negotiable,too!).

Common Ground mall is made out of blue containers. It is about 5 minutes away from Konkuk University station. Very Instagammable place and guess what? They got my favorite food truck (With heaters outdoor seating)
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Where off next?
If you are a Korean guru and a fan of Korean Fashion, you probably already quite familiar with this brand: STYLENANDA! We had a hard time finding this pink hotel- for some reasons Google map keeps showing direction in Korean even we’ve inserted an English address. Let’s be sexist: I am a girl and I cannot READ MAPS! Ask for direction was also quite a struggle since we speak no Korean. We ended up finding it after 10 times walking the same blocks. LOL So highlight this down babes! It is located in alley 8-gil in Myeongdong.
There are 4 floors and each floor has its own theme and style that match the clothing line, very aesthetic and girly- get your camera ready but make sure do it quick! Staffs are pretty hostile about people taking pictures without purchasing anything. (Grab yourself a chocolate milkshake on fourth floor and you won’t regret!)

Alright I’ll let my pictures do the talking.

Apgujeong Rodeo: Café Dior by Pierre HerméI am very bad at taking flat lay, but this time, Dior gave me some credits. We came in on a Thursday afternoon so there were not many tourists but local Koreans chilling.
we ordered the signature latte, flower tea, parfait, and millefuille

Every girl deserves a bottle of Miss Dior… I did not bring many fancy dresses ( I am still regretting) because of the cold weather and most likely a lot of walking.
Every corner is a piece of art and Pierre Hermé just made this top floor Café more seasonal and desirable. #AnotherLevel
I apologize for not posting a lot as I am taking some time to pull myself together and prepare to go full force quality content going forward…
I want to work on changing it up a bit so thank you for hanging and staying with me.
Thought of the day: Do you think Artificial Intelligence is going to take over in 2025? (I am a Seattle girl so ahem, embrace my geekness🤷🏻‍♀️)

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    First of all, you have a nice and lightweight blog. Second that I wanna the hanging chair! I just fell in love xD And for third, very nice and long article. My dreamland is Japan, but Korea looks also pretty nice. I love all about Asia, culture, people. I will read more your articles:)

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