Pretty Little Thing | Summer Type Of Way

Pretty Little Thing | Summer Type Of Way

Summer is upon us once again. The flip flops are out, days are spent by the pool,
and ice cream becomes an acceptable food to eat for dinner. 🍦☀️

What’s up guys? Your favorite Cali girl is bacccc!

Although off-the shoulder was first introduced as a chic and informal messy summer look,
now the variation is not limited by unofficial occasions;
even celebrities are wearing ‘off the shoulder’ for their award functions, red carpet and everywhere!
I personally love it because it emphasizes my collar bones and cropped length makes me look taller, too! (I’m 5’2!)

If you want to get an instant hot chic look,
the first thing to hit your mind is an off shoulder top with shorts or skirts or a regular jeans,
make yourself “available” and approachable.

MINT is such a hit that doesn’t have to miss from your closet.
Look at your wardrobe now and pair up with any ripped jeans or jean shorts for any daytime or informal occasion.


Wouldn’t you agree that white looks so gorgeous on tanned skin in the summer?
I got super tanned ever since I got back from the state.
You can literally get burned from getting out the grocery store to your car. LOL It’s a journey guys.

A white lace dress is probably the best option for this fashion wear and it looks absolutely stunning
when you pick the right pair of platform sneakers.
You can wear both at day and night, at barbecues, outside parties, but also for weddings or evening events.

And hey, don’t avoid wearing them because they dirty too fast!
Store your white clothing in dry cool place and wash them with delicate bleach detergent.


Sometimes girl just wanna have fun, that’s why for wild nights in the disco or parties,
you must have ballon sleeved top in your wardrobe, which will make you look elegant, yet seductively fabulous.

Do not fear to go vivid. Yup, I am talking about bright, loud color like yellow, neon, or velvet,
because you might never know who can fall in love with your style and look, and you only live once!
Honestly, wear as many style as you want in your 20s,
or else you are going to regret and keep crawling back to the thoughts on
“I should’ve done this and that, blah blah blah…”
Sorry love, Athena ain’t there to save you.

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This post is sponsored by Pretty Little Thing . All opinions are my own.

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