Prose Hair | Personalized Hair Care and Loved the Results

Prose Hair | Personalized Hair Care and Loved the Results

Part of the appeal of hair product is not only what’s inside the bottle, but the bottle itself.
In our Instagram-fueled world, packaging is everything and I don’t play when it comes to real estate on my vanity. Though, Prose has access to both- They are shaking up the industry with customizable hair products like shampoo, conditioner and mask at an affordable price!

I’ve been dying my hair for about 4 years now (switching back from sliver to black & black to blond), and no matter how hard I tried and how many products I used, I could never get the right balance, or the smooth hair.

The package comes along with a details booklet to give you an idea of what’s inside, diagnosis and goals, routine, main ingredients, all ingredients.
The one thing I loved right away is that you’re told on the front of the bottle what ingredients are in the product. They are written in a prescription form. I like how it  The scent is so natural with amazing fragrance to them. My hair doesn’t feel dry anymore and it finally has some life to it.

I decided to try out my new routine last week and the hair mask what I tried first. As suggested, I wet my hair, and massaged the mask into my scalp and roots. (I never put anything but shampoo on my roots, but I wanted to follow the instructions for maximized result so,

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