Suit up in peplum that makes you want to dance!
Are you ready to Salsa?
I imagined a society of people that adorn their strapless dresses with jewels.
They are regal and make an addition to your details.
Truth reveal: I am a girl with a goldfish mind as I forget things easily.
Everytime I go out, I just simply neglect about wearing them.
And most importantly, I like to keep my neck bare so that my collar bones are not covering/distracting from the details.
(It is my little secret shhh and you are keeping it. #itsagirlything #bitchplease)

We did this shooting at 10 on a Sunday morning and I literally walked down the street just like that.
Pedestrians were looking at me like I was a crazy girl all groomed up and strolling for no reasons.
Here’s one fun fact about me: I like to dress up, for FOOD!
We went to a nice brunch place right after so I have my reason people. (RAWRRR)

I need to stop giggling too hard or else I am getting grandma’s wrinkles😫.

Happy Woman Crush Wednesday!
Who you would call the sexiest women in the world?
Mine: Cindy Crawford, Elizabeth Taylor (I am OBSESSED with every single look of her in Cleopatra!),
and of course, the unforgettable Marilyn Monroe.

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  1. Erudipedia
    November 23, 2017 / 23:44

    Nice article and outfits keep it up you’re talented

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