Scariest Haunted Houses in the US

Scariest Haunted Houses in the US

Who doesn’t love ghost stories? Remember when you were younger terrified that a ghost was in the same house you were in late at night? I’ve always been interested in ghosts and if they’re real or not. Who knows? My heart starts racing as soon as I’mn faced with something spooky. I can’t even While I’ve never seen a ghost in real life, I have had friends and family describe to me specific ghost encounters. Not sure if they’re just making it up or if they’re serious. Also, I sometimes turn on tv channels about ghosts and see scenes like chairs moving randomly with no people in sight.

Maybe one day I’ll go check out a haunted house, but not alone and not during Halloween time! Even the names of the houses make me scared, so visiting could scare me even more!

Some spooky haunted houses that I came across on my research are:


Villisca Axe Murder House – Villisca, IA

In 1912, a crime was committed that left a whole family dead in this house. There have been ghost sightings in the house ever since. People can go visit or even stay the night to experience the ghosts themselves.


House of Death – New York City, NY

It is known that there have been 22 ghosts seen in this townhouse located in Greenwich Village. Some even say that have seen the ghost of Mark Twain, who lived there for some time back in 1900. Visitors cannot tour the inside, but are welcome to take a look from the outside.


Biltmore – Asheville, NC

George Washington Vanderbilt II build this home in 1800s and ever since he died, ghosts have been active, some even claiming to hear his wife, Edith, saying his name. Visitors can take a tour of the estate, guided or unguided.


The Whaley House Museum – San Diego, CA

In 1852, James “Yankee Jim” Robinson was hung for a crime he committed of grand larceny and years later a ghost of himself appeared. Even Mr and Mrs Whaley have been seen in this house as ghosts. Visitors can take a look inside during the day, and soon will be able to take a tour of the inside.


Lizzie Borden House – Fall River, MA

Back in 1892, Lizzie Borden killed her parents and ever since, the house has seen the ghosts of Lizzie as well as her parents. Visitors can stay here now that it’s been turned into a bed and breakfast.





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