Playfully & Sophisticated: Self-Portrait | Night Out/Formal Dress

Playfully & Sophisticated: Self-Portrait | Night Out/Formal Dress

I don’t know about you guys but i LOVE to dress up for dinner-
i think its a form of respect, it could either be toward your date, your friend, and for me, I dress up for the food/location.

I go out at the evenings a lot so I like to get something festive for the events or dinner plans with my gals I am going so, I always need something very special but low key, I suppose. In this post, instead of doing a haul, I decided to share just the single one outfit that I really love.

This Satin Mini Dress got these gold chain straps on both shoulders,
and it’s pleated that makes me feel like a princess. I can’t help but keep spinning circle around to maximize that flowy vision.

Not a pure white, it got some champagne/ivory to it. For sizing, I am a 5’2” and wearing size XS,
it hits just above my knees, so I would recommend go one size bigger if you’re taller even if you are a regular XS.
You absolutely do not want your butts showing to ruin your elegant look.

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  1. June 3, 2019 / 08:16

    This little white dress is so cute on you! I can never have enough white staples in my closet during the summer!

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