Shade of Grey

Shade of Grey

February is here… Who is ready for Mr Grey?

I am SO SO SO in love with these cut-out booties from Roger Vivier ! They are super comfy and go with everything! I screamed out loud while I first saw them at the store, people were dissing so hard and started giving me a ‘that b*tch is crazy” dirty look. Lol BEHAVE Athena! I am always hyper so get used to it you people.😀😀😀

Rotisserie-cart style has always been my favorite dish. It reminds me of simpler time in middle school back home Hong Kong. We used to get the Satay (“Sate” in Malay) skewered fish balls after school all the time! At 7-11. Then I would lie about and eat another meal when I get home. (Asian moms always prepare dinner for the family and if they find out you eat junk food out of her sight, that’s a suicide mission right there)
Now that no one is watching me I can eat whatever I want (Woop woop food baby alert).

And FYI “Gai Yahng Ha Dao” is what’s it called! Well if I were you I’ll just hand the picture to the server and let them do the rest.😉


This is definitely not appropriate for the Chinese New Year’s dress code. But oh well, red lip counts too, right?

And I am super excited to announce I am officially part of Stella & Dot ‘s family! Make sure to follow them on Instagram @stelladot and shop their latest Spring collection 2017!

Happy Valentine’s day everyone! More chocolates more flowers to all the beautiful ladies. x

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(The RV cut-out booties is sold out everywhere but these pearl pair is my alternative favorite! )

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