Shame Free Zone: Prepared is Powerful with Preventeza | Her Campus

Shame Free Zone: Prepared is Powerful with Preventeza | Her Campus

I hope everyone is having a great week start! Today I would like to step aside from fashion and beauty, and have some pillow talks with you ladies! So get cozy and grab a cup of coffee (or tea!), we are going to have some real girls conversation on and birth control. I am going to share what is Preventeza and inside of the Preventeza Prepared is Powerful pouch; it is worth a buy, how and when to use it.
Preventeza Is the latest form of emergency contraception, a proven pill to help women prevent pregnancy before it starts; it use the same ingredients as regular birth control but a higher dose. Use it within 72 hours of unprotected sex, it helps to prevent pregnancy before it starts. Now you might be questioning about if there is any side effect- check out this video and it explains everything you need to know before you decide to give it yay or nay! You will also learn more about Preventeza and Vagisil’s mission to end the sigma around women’s sexual health.

I personally think that is important to “be prepared”, when it comes to contraception, it’s every woman’s motto, especially the “emergency” situation). Wouldn’t you agree? Life might throw you some unexpected curveballs sometimes and there should not be any shame. Preventeza is much less expensive than an unexpected pregnancy for only USD 46.99! You can buy it over the counter at drugstores, or here. (For a limited time, you can one get one free, which lowers the cost even further!)This post is sponsored by Vagisil® and Her Campus Media.
All opinions are my own. Click here for full product information.

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