Small Purse Struggles | The Perfect White Romper You Need For Summer

Small Purse Struggles | The Perfect White Romper You Need For Summer

Happy May babies! Summer is right around the corner and romper season is underway.

There are so many answers about my love for romper that I hesitate to answer this again.
They are super easy to style with that I don’t have to worry about what to wear for my bottoms.
My friend was blowing up my phone so I had very little time to think of accessories;
otherwise, I usually do off-the-shoulder with a choker, black lace or Bohémienne are my two top notches.

If you know me well, I am a huge fan of warm weather and anything related to summer, I dig. I usually don’t change my case quite often but this case changed my ritual. This is my second iPhone case from iDeal Of Sweden and I am obsessed with every design they created. I got my first one with the classic white and gray marbles design and that plays my ‘casual Friday’ look- I switch it on the day I want me & my phone to stay low key. lolTo amp up with a white romper, a loud color is necessary.
This fun & glam, and discovered Chanel purse has been my great PM companion.

When in doubt just add heels. I spiced it up with a rose red wedges to complete this night out look. If you ever get a chance bumped into me during the day time, most likely you will see me in my chill & casual workout clothes
(Also if you can excuse me my naked sweaty face).
I don’t usually walk in heels in the day because I have to deal with the crowds.
If shooting is requiring I will just throw a pair in my tote bag and go; on the day I don’t feel like carrying a huge bag around,
I’ll just let my feet ‘suffer’ and Uber everywhere.
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iPhone Case is from iDeal Of Sweden
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