Solei Day

Solei Day

I’ve already got my eyes on Sumata room during my first tour at Solei Day Spa .
“Sumatra” is an island in Indonesia surrounded by subsidence and landslides; also indicating wild thoughts, with a little peace of mind, when nobody is watching.No matter where I go/what I do, I love options. I chose the Sumatra (left) for my today’s treatment. It smelled like citrus lemonade even though it is made with blood orange and chai (I am not sure what Masala is so I am not trying to go from there). Very summery scent that makes me wanted to sip on a real lemonade.
(P.S. Photo inappropriate? You wish I was not naked😛)
This heated bed was too comfortable that I did not want to leave after my therapy session! I am a gym regular so I always have sore calves and shoulders. I know I should have stretched more before and after workouts but I just simply am NOT a fan!
Thin patience on warming up I just love going straight down to the “core”! If you like running or doing cardios on a daily basis and doesn’t like stretch like me, a proper deep tissue massage is what you need.
Excuse my bared-face and take a closer look to this cute little mug! And guess what’s in it? My favorite blueberry tea!
Don’t forget to bring these bath cookies back home with you after the treatment!
Your body will thank you later😉.

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