Spring Anthem | The Perfect Place for OOTD in Hong Kong | Instagram Pier

Spring Anthem | The Perfect Place for OOTD in Hong Kong | Instagram Pier

Not sure what to wear in the in-between weather? Silk is your life changer.

“Dress according to the weather.” Let’s be honest.. I never take that advice too seriously.
Okay, confession: Hong Kong’s weather has been acting up like a moody woman (Yeah call me sexist):
it can be nice & sunny and the next day it throws you a gloomy & pea-soupy mess.
Don’t get me wrong, I ain’t complaining;
in fact, this unpredictable even makes me look forward to clement weather.

It was almost 83 degrees today so I went for a spaghetti strap with a white button down and jean shorts under my dress.
Although it might seem a little premature to start thinking about Summer since we’ve just barely made it past the frostbitten month of April, but hey, Bikini runway shows happen in September and LIVE: Coachella is cooking in the Palm Spring desert!
Instagram Story effect takes all the blames, I cannot help but want to prep for another practical (or good-bye layers) season already.
Rihanna is my year-round, forever inspiration. She wore a pair of heart shaped sunglasses during her Victoria Secret performance, features adorable pearls covering the heart shaped rims. I love this style but the heart shape part was a little too much for an out-and-about occasion, so I rocked these round shaped rims covered with pearls from Chanel and absolutely bring a new twist to my sunglasses collection! I have styled them in my previous posts, you may check it here, and here.
When it comes to bags, I am a hands-free kind of girl,
here’s why:
I get to hold my lemonade cup and deal with my headache(my favorite pose under camera) with my other hand, and;
I can take selfies and rest one hand(and switch side) on the strap (fyi my second favorite pose).
For those of you that love multitasking, get yourself a crossbody bag.
Alright I’ll cut the sarcasm right there, I love carrying crossbody bags because they are so fun and discovered. They also makes a bright statement on an outfit, especially when you’re wearing white or neutral tones. And don’t be afraid to pick a loud print/color! Be playful with your Spring look! Sometimes it’s nice to get in touch with the bold side of style.
For those of you are at the Coachella,
Have fun & BE SAFE okay?
Tell me what are the highlights this year and make me jealous!
I’ll see you there in 2019 that is a promise babes!😉
*Scream for Beyonce*

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