Spring Transitional Items

Spring Transitional Items

Seasonal changes aren’t always very easy to follow from a dressing point of view, and making the transition from winter to spring style can be quite tricky.
Often the temperature fluctuates suddenly, going from one extreme to another —which could be a little mild—
and you never know if the good weather will play hide and seek.
Regardless, there’s nothing more exciting than preparing for the transitional spring weather.


Perhaps, one question racing through your mind right now is what and what spring transitional items to add to the closet,
especially if you’re looking to switch things up while still staying basic. Well, today we’ll be showing off three simple yet
fashionable spring transitional items you can squeeze into your wardrobe without breaking a sweat. 

he Tularosa Willow top is that simple-chic top that shouldn’t be missing in your spring closet collections.
It’s a mist blue v-necked top that effortlessly accentuates those sexy collarbones and shapes.
I mean, when is the best time to flaunt those well-built, slender, necklines if not during the absolute perfect spring weather. Of course! 

In Spring, we’re naturally more concerned about putting on clothing that’d regulate our temperature while allowing adequate airflow.
Well, this Tularosa Willow top checks the list in this criterion. The ruched jersey fabric assures you absolute comfort every time of the day,
even under the slightest hot weather. Perfect, right?

Depending on the look you want to create, this elegant bodycon top
with ruched drawstrings on both sides can be effortlessly paired with some of your favorite bottoms;
suit pants, pleated skirt, penciled midi skirt, or even jeans. One thing is certain; however you pair it,
you’re sure to always step out oozing intense boss-lady confidence from side to side.

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This little pretty thing here happens to fall under the trendy cutout design GenZ’s,
including millennials, are constantly raving about. In fact, it has become a must-have in this generation’s fashion world.
As a trendy fashion queen, you’re missing out on this chic showoff if a cutout design isn’t in your closet.

The Polina Cutout top is a lightweight, brownish snake print, long-sleeves that can be bodied in various creative styles.
My favorite way of styling this would be with high-waist jeans, layered with a sleeveless long coat jacket (that’s if you want to go all the way)
or with Jean-cut shorts. Always a killer look for a beachside brunch with the girls!

One thing peculiar about the Polina Cutout top is the striking print that is completely a compliment bait.
Animal skin-like prints are always a bold fashion statement so copping this for Spring isn’t a miss at all.

Complete the look:


If there’s any fashion print that would never go out of trend in many years, then it’d be polka dots.
Polka dots have been around for a very long time now and as years go by,
it seems to be frequently adopted and designed into several creative fashion wear.
Luckily, here’s a navy blue polka dots dress you can rock this Spring!

 It’s made of luscious satin fabric, clearly appropriate for the season,
with a cuffed hem and down string elastic waistband that holds firmly on your waist.
With the right paring and a few correctly chosen accessories, you will quickly be able to pull off a really stunning Spring outfit.

Generally, if you ever wish to suspend your full-length jeans and suit pants for a moment and
give your lovely legs some refreshing spring air, then this Evelynn Midi Dress is perfect for you.
Super comfy and blends with almost every pair you can imagine.

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by John Chibuzz

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