Steps You Should Follow If You Lost Your Job During Covid-19

By Artur Meyster

Losing your job drives you into a stressful and overwhelming situation. The bills, the rent, and other expenses can make your days eternal. But, remember, keeping a positive mindset is necessary to move forward.

According to the BBC, during the coronavirus outbreak, the US unemployment rate increased to 14.7 percent. This jobless rate is the worst in the history of the US since the Great Depression. About 20 million unemployed people have started to deal with a hard situation to survive. The lockdown made it even more challenging to find a new job. 

As the situation demanded new strategies, several started to try new things. Remote work has become the new standard, and companies have begun to lean on tech talent to overcome challenges. 

As a result of the increased demand, businesses have started to make more attractive job offers. This is because they needed to attract the most skilled candidates. However, many unemployed candidates didn’t know how to become relevant. For that reason, if you’re currently unemployed, here’s a guide that will help you to get hired during Covid-19.  

Look for Vacancies in Active Industries.

Doing some research is always good before looking for a job. It will not only help you to know what your alternatives are but also how good they are. These days, looking for job vacancies can be a little complicated, but it doesn’t mean it is impossible. Many sectors are on stand by as they can’t operate because of the lockdown.

The healthcare sector and the online retail sector are some industries that are currently looking for new hirings. This is because, during the outbreak, web traffic increased as customers started to use digital channels to shop, so organizations began to hire new candidates to meet customers’ demands.

Additionally, researching allows you to know what employers are searching for in their new hirings. Nowadays, it’s important to know if your current skills can meet employers’ requirements or if you need to learn new ones. 

Create a List and Analyze your Alternatives

After you know what your alternatives are, you should make a list to compare them. You’ll be able to analyze each option, and you can choose the best fit for you. Remember that being flexible is important during these hard times. Probably, you’ll need to change careers or try new strategies to get the job. In that case, having an open mind is vital.

Making a list allows you to prioritize your alternatives. Given that, you won’t waste time applying for a job that won’t meet your expectations. Setting goals will help you to be motivated and stay focused during the job searching path. 

Enroll in a Coding School 

If your skillset doesn’t have the right tools to meet the demands of today’s employers, enrolling in a coding bootcamp is an excellent choice. Coding schools allow aspirants to learn in-demand skills to beat other candidates. As employers are in a hunt for tech professionals, learning tech skills will make you an attractive candidate.

Coding schools not only allow aspirants to learn new skills but also to get ready for future challenges. Companies like Thinkful provide their students with a career support team during each program. As a result, students are able to learn from the best and succeed in their new tech careers.

Learning from isolation can be difficult as not every school provides online programs. But, Springboard is the perfect choice if you want to learn from home. The company allows aspirants to learn enterprise-level skills in only six months.

Springboard’s programs are designed to meet your needs. For that reason, you can decide between part-time or self-paced courses. At Springboard, you’ll learn the right knowledge to not only get a new job but also to help organizations reshape the market.

For example, their software engineering program covers in-demand programming languages like Python, SQL, and JavaScript. In that case, you’ll be able to create immersive websites that will help companies attract more customers.

Create a LinkedIn Profile

After learning the right skills to attract employers, you have to make connections. Creating a LinkedIn profile is an excellent way to increase your job opportunities. Most employers use LinkedIn to look for remote workers or candidates in their local area.

As getting an in-person interview has become more complicated, using digital platforms like LinkedIn can help you. To build an attractive profile, you’ll need to add a professional photo, write a summary, and request recommendations.

The profile photo increases your credibility. So, using a picture that catches employers’ attention will make a great first impression. Also, writing a summary is essential as employers will see what your skills are and how motivated you are.

Adding relevant skills like programming or remote working skills is something you can’t forget. Remember that nowadays employers are looking for candidates that can work from home. On the other hand, requesting recommendations is vital to increase the chances of getting a job.

You can ask friends, co-workers, or previous employers to write recommendations. As they will appear in your profile, future employers will be able to see them. Recommendations make employers and hiring managers feel engaged as they increase employer trust.

Generally speaking, having a good LinkedIn profile can be crucial to get an interview during Covid-19.

Build a Portfolio

Having a portfolio increases employers’ trust. This is because you’ll be able to convince them with facts. As they can see your actual abilities, they won’t need an impressive resume to be convinced. 

You can add personal projects or team projects to your portfolio. Furthermore, if you enrolled in a coding bootcamp, you can add projects completed during the program. Otherwise, if you have no projects to add, it’s the right time to start a new one.

Remember that getting hired during Covid-19 requires effort. Don’t hesitate to use what’s on your hands to convince employers.


Following this guide will help you to become an attractive candidate for any company. As you’ll have the right tools to engage employers, getting hired is something you can almost take for granted. If you are currently unemployed, you shouldn’t think twice about taking action.

Artur Meyster is the CTO of Career Karma (YC W19), an online marketplace that matches career switchers with coding bootcamps. He is also the host of the Breaking Into Startups podcast, which features people with non-traditional backgrounds who broke into tech.

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