Summer Thing

Summer Thing

Favorite things about Summer?
Longer hours of daylight. Wearing less clothing. outdoor seating at restaurants.
And. Of course,
Evelyn Champagne King.Nothing a Gucci belt can’t solve…
Pairing with these light wash ruffled jeans from MSGM. If you must (or already) know, I LOVE LOVE LOVE denim!
If I am going on a three days trip, I would roll up 5 pairs and squeeze them in my weekender (because girls love to have options meow).

Thoughts on my black hair? Let’s talk about it!
I have been taking Sugar Hair Bear for almost 4 months now and I can feel that my hair is growing thicker and fuller! (Butt length hair is my goal!)
If you follow my journey from 2016, you probably know that my hair color changing game was STRONG over the past year- I literally had different hair color every week that I wowed every one every time they see me.
I have enjoyed all the compliments and loved my silver hair so so much, but it was time to let it go.
Now I am very happy with this healthy and natural tone.

Guess what? Exciting news!! A special guest is coming to see me this weekend and we are going to work on a secret project!
(Well it’s not a secret anymore since we are talking about it.) And so, I’m going to pause it right there.
But you guessed right, we are going to burn down the city🔥.

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