Sweet Grass

Sweet Grass

Been eating like a rabbit lately… Just kidding, I was hiding my chocolate bars under the table­čśť.
Every Sunday’s spread should look like this. (Heart neon light featuring Indian dude)
My biggest pet peeve driving to downtown is the TRAFFICS!! Also it gets pretty sketchy if you’re not parking in a covered lot.
But after trying their beet salad served in the Anders store pop up event (Check my Instagram posts for product reviews!),
I promised myself: I have got to try out this place!

Nothing an avocado cannot solve… I ordered a kale salad with extra avocado on the side.
I love to keep my dressings on the side so that I have the options to either dip or pour them on top.Try to do this when you order your salad! Believe me, you will get a better natural taste of the food;and most importantly, I am not exaggerating, it will help you shrink some inches off too!I have been loving high rise and crop top combos the past few years (I think crop top trend started about 4 years ago from now?) I remembering I was SO obsessed with crop t-shirts that I almost bought every single piece at Urban Outfitters. It was very convenient also dangerous for me because the UO store was right down the avenue by the school I went to.

Ladies! I am selling al(most) all my clothes on Depop, Poshmark, Mercari!
Come check my closet! (Items sold out fast so get your thumbs ready! Also accepting Paypal)
Place: @sweetgrassfoodco

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  1. October 23, 2017 / 05:23

    Your sunday spread sure looks yummy and healthy too. Love the colours of veggies on the table too! As they say five colours on your plate and your skin will glow!

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