The greatest Her Conference Campaign of the year: Spa-inspired beauty | Bliss Extravaganza

The greatest Her Conference Campaign of the year: Spa-inspired beauty | Bliss Extravaganza

I hope you are all having a great week so far! I am so excited to share with you all about Her Conference x Bliss Campaign. Talking about products I love with people who are so supportive of me is an amazing experience to say the least, and I am working fervently to make more events like this happen in the future!
Opportunities like these allow me to meet my goal of being more personable, to meet more of my followers in real life! Conference was two days of total #careergoals speakers, actionable programming, amazing swag, mega giveaways and interactive activities. With all these #BossBabies continued support, I believe I am able to make those things happen!

I don’t know about all the products in the Bliss, but thanks to a total brand relaunch this spring- the lineup is now nearly perfect.
The one that caught our attention was their spa-inspired beauty lines.
Better yet- lower price tags: everything from Bliss now retails for under $25. Bliss has been around for years.
I’ve been using their lemon & sage body butter since the day they launched on their site (FYI it’s their top seller and iconic product!).
Of course, they are all wrapped in Instagram-friendly new designs.

If eye make up remover are the superstars of your skin-care routine, this make up melt never-greasy is the headlining act.
It comes in a plastic bottle with a pump. This refreshes and soothes your eyes as well as very effectively removing all makeup.
With no oily residue and jelly-like formula that doesn’t leave your sight foggy or sting in the slightest,
making it as gentle as it claims to be; it also cushions my skin wand budges even my heavy-handed liquid eyeliner,
but gentle enough not to drag on the skin, or cause irritation.

This certainly removes everything, even long-lasting waterproof eyeliner.
While it is brilliant for sensitive skin and doesn’t irritate the eye area, it is fragrance, cruelty free, and blissfully free of harmful ingredients that doesn’t stings if you get it in your eyes.
As it melts your makeup it becomes super-nourishing.
Perfect for sensitive eyes and effective on waterproof makeup – it’s worth the every penny!

Featured Products (All available @Blissworld )

Makeup Melt Wipes
Makeup Melt Dry/Wet Jelly Cleanser
Makeup Melt Eye Makeup Remover
Drench & Quench Moisturizer
(All of the above products can be purchased at Ulta & Target)

Pore Patrol Hydrator
Pore Patrol Mask (Deep Detox Four-clay Soufflé Mask):
Pore Patrol Cleanser (Clay-to-foam Purifying Cleanser with Willow Bark)
(The Pore Patrol line is exclusive to Target.)


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  1. simon
    August 6, 2018 / 10:02

    Hi Is this tested on animals?

  2. August 6, 2018 / 12:23

    I’m definately going to have to try!

    Kasey Ma

  3. August 6, 2018 / 13:06

    I love Bliss. Their packaging, the fact it’s reasonably priced and because it’s good for sensitive skin!

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