Three Colors

Three Colors

Rouge is my favorite colors of all. Guys, I am talking about the movie! Three Colors is a French movie series by Kieślowski, Red is the last one that came out also the best out of best in my opinion.

Excuse my irrelevant movie talk. All blames on Tommy Hilfiger’s signature colors. (Blue, white, and Red are French Flag colors!) I don’t usually watch Foreign movies as I think my eyes will be too busy to read subtitles and watch the movie at the same time (Well Korean films are exception because girls can’t afford to miss Oppa and Saranghae, you know what I’m saying?#Kakao).

This place is amazing! I know how shitty Seattle’s weather can get but if you take a closer look, there are so many photogenic spots are dying to be found! Haha I ain’t exaggerating, all you need is go on Yelp and scrollLLLL

I am a very organized lady (Now, stop the background giggles) and so, I categorize my pictures and put them where they belong. If you scroll through my iphone album page, it is like a mini Pinterest, with a little bit of everything. When there are new places and restaurants I like to go in the future, I will just screenshot and put them in the right albums. I know Instagram made a handy tool for pictures we can save for later, but it just seems like a book return rack to me, if you know what I mean. It’s just that everyone is posting super-dub pictures and I can’t help but keep liking and saving many of them. Saved=Liked. 

I can’t even recalled what makes me cracked so hard but here’s me laughing like a Sor-Po (That’s a Hong Kong slang means silly woman).

Tommy X Gigi Spring Collection was amazing, you’re so blessed Gigi Hadid💋
Does anyone know where I can find the song
Work by Stella Mwangi from the show? Leave a comment or like my post to show some love to Tommy X Gigi.

Spot: @preserveandgather
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