Tried-And-True Skincare That Will Leave Your Skin Glowing Like A Korean Star

Tried-And-True Skincare That Will Leave Your Skin Glowing Like A Korean Star

I can admit I have an obsession with skincare—I love testing the latest products and innovations. My skin is far less sensitive after turning the age of 25. Now, I have a little more room to test formulas through trial and error. According to its many rave reviews, OxygenCeuticals is life-changing.

I first came across this Korean skincare brand a few months ago and couldn’t wait to try some of their skincare products! This is a skincare brand located in South Korea (and created in 2012) who focuses on Oxygen being the best therapy for problematic and post procedure skin conditions. Their products also focus on soothing and strengthening the skin. OxygenCeuticals products are being used by over 600 dermatology and plastic surgeon clinics in South Korea and even health professionals all over the world.

I decided to mix a few of my OxygenCeuticals products with a few products after taking a Skin Quiz so you can find out what kind of products you may need for your skin.

Below, I’ve documented my honest opinions on how the products have worked on my skin over the past 4 weeks:

D:O2 Activator:

Spray mists, are meant to be spritzed onto your face and neck at any time throughout the day for a nice cooling burst. This D:O2 Activator can also be used as both a toner after cleansing and as a regular facial spray to reset and moisturize skin throughout the day. It is rich in minerals and contains an oxygen cartridge for an extra boost of oxygen. This amount of oxygen helps recover damaged skin and reduce flaking on skin. The spray itself comes out in a gentle, superfine mist, and the amount of oxygen making it a great choice for recovering damaged skin and reducing flaking on skin!

This is one of the most sought-after products that gives you glass-like skin! All you have to do is twist the bottom of the bottle to release oxygen in cartridge and then spray it on your face!

Nutrient Toner:

Adding a toner is a great way to take your skin care routine to the next level, with this Nutrient Toner is an absolute game changer. It has a silky lotion texture and gentle enough to refresh your skin without stripping it of its natural moisture with Sodium Hyaluronate, Portulaca Oleracea Extract to protect the skin, and Allantoin to make the skin soft and smooth! Only thin layers of each product are needed. But see how your skin feels and if more layers are desired, this toner can be layered more heavily. It can be used on dry and aging skin and is so easy to use: just put some on a cotton pad and then apply to your face!

Acell Moisture Kit (Acell-300 Fluid + Moisture Aqua Serum):

This serum has everything from soothing ingredients to antioxidants to fatty acids to vitamins to minerals to hydrators. I mix the Acell-300 Fluid and Moisture Aqua Serum (1:1 ratio) before applying to the skin and then apply when ready. I use one-to-three pumps of this serum in the morning and night.

I was quite apprehensive about trying this serum at first because I wondered whether the fluid would feel gooey on my face. Thankfully, it wasn’t gooey and instantly felt super hydrating!

Acell-300 Fluid is a patented ingredient that has been developed through 300 research trials and helps maintain a healthy oil/water skin balance. It creates a protective layer over the skin, which helps the skin retain moisture to prevent dryness and is non-sticky and non-greasy.

It was fascinating to use this serum before I apply my face cream. With the active ingredient of jojoba oil also helps balancing the body’s oils by tricking the skin into thinking it has produced enough oil.

Hydrating Cream:

The Hydrating Cream promises to keep the skin refreshed, radiant and invigorated. Formulated with Edelweiss Callus Culture and Niacinamide, it doesn’t only hydrates and soothes the skin, it also doubles up as increasing elasticity by stimulating collagen synthesis. Niacinamide is a type of vitamin (Vitamin B3) that is said to detoxify, repair skin, boost its radiance and helps brighten the skin. Like with all other OxygenCueticals  products, this cream is free from nasties like parabens, phenoxyethanol, mineral oil, silicone and synthetic coloring.

I’m happy to report that this cream was so calming on my skin and gentle whether used morning or night, and I’d highly recommend it to anyone with dull or dry skin use it at the last step of the skincare routine better absorption with the nutrients and moisture.

Moisture Aqua Serum:

This Moisture Aqua Serum has a very light and watery texture, when applied to the skin it absorbs in no time and doesn’t leave any sticky or greasy residue. I like to use it before putting on my makeup in the AM. At night time, I use it after applying Nutrient toner. It will take care of your skin throughout the whole night while you sleep and my skin feels very fresh, tight, and hydrated in the next morning.

The serum will work the best for dry and combined skin types, but people with oily and acne-prone skin can use this product as well because it is water-based and doesn’t cause breakouts.


One of my goals for this month was to achieve the look of glass skin—and these products definitely helped me meet it. Every time I used it, I could see a glowy reflection in my skin and was inundated with compliments. It felt so lightweight and gave an overall radiance to my complexion.

All K-Beauty brands provide a fun and simple experience compared to what I’ve used in the past. Moisture Aqua Serumwas definitely was my favorite part of my whole routine (I can’t help but ordered myself a travel size in case I need to touch up when I am on the go), my skin genuinely feel rehydrated and looked super polished.

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