Ultimate Guide to Summer Smoothies

Ultimate Guide to Summer Smoothies

My absolute favorite drink to have on hot days are smoothies. They are so refreshing and you can make the drink with whatever fruit you want.

Strawberries, watermelon, and bee pollen

Cut up half a cup of strawberries and watermelon. Add a scoop of bee pollen. Don’t forget the liquid to blend up the ingredients and start blending. I usually use about a cup of water (but any liquid like lemonade) should work as the base. 

Grapes, watermelon, raspberries

Add a handful of grapes, half a cup of watermelon, and a handful of raspberries. Add water or a liquid as a base and blend. 

Orange, raspberries, pear

Squeeze half an orange, add a handful of raspberries, and half or a whole pear. Add a cup of liquid. 

Peach, mixed berries

Cut up small pieces of peach and add a handful of mixed berries (frozen or fresh). 

Pineapple, apple, bee pollen

Cut up chunks of pineapple and apple and add to blender. Add bee pollen.

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