What I wear on Friday | Revolve

What I wear on Friday | Revolve

Everyone gets flustered about what to wear at some point, no matter the outfits in your wardrobe.
Picking out what to wear each day while still looking chic and in fashion can be more than a hassle. But that’s okay.
It happens to the best of us.

It helps to mix up your closet with fresh outfits that can really shake things up and get you all pumped for the new week.
And why not? It’s spring. And in spring, a little magic is all we ask for.

What better magic than an outfit that you can really get comfortable with while showing off your best looks?

The Tamara Sweatshirt is simply that. It’s a must-have in your no-doubt cute closet. It
has all the essentials of what makes a really great Spring outfit. And the best part is,
you can really personalize it to match your taste and personal preference, infusing a little bit of uniqueness to it.
Perfect isn’t it?

My absolute favorite thing about this lightweight, body wrap sweatshirt is the soft and tender candy pink color that matches
effortlessly with the feel of the fabric.
This plush tone gives your skin that vibrant pop during cool days and fairly sizzling afternoons.

The Tamara sweatshirt can be worn with a skirt that matches the same light, candy pink color.
Just like the sweatshirt, it’s a soft terry cloth fabric, which means your skin will thank you for it.
Best of all, you can finally show off those stunning legs and give it a long-overdue debut with the mid-thigh skirt.

It works especially well for days when you’re out on a beach or having an outing with the girls.
You can rock the matching outfit with dressy flats or casual heeled sandals. Either one works great.

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And that hoodie….
Let’s talk about the hoodie that comes with the sweatshirt as well (nope, I hadn’t forgotten).
It’s a major plus because you can go crazy with creatively pairing this item with bottoms.

You can never really go wrong with jeans. And almost never with Jean-cut shorts.
This pair gives you that edgy and street casual look that you can flaunt effortlessly.
This can easily work with sandals as well, but if you’re going all out, then subtle boots would really make a statement.

Thinking about what would work with the Tamara sweatshirt is so exciting because there are so many possibilities.
The item can go with full-length jeans, milky palette ruffled shirts and even pseudo wrap skirts.

Alternate the look:

And that’s not even all there is. 

Forgive me for raving about the fabric again. But that’s only because it’s so 

Spring can get a little hot on some days, so this item soaks up all that sweat and allows the air to flow,
so you can enjoy that fresh feeling even on hot days. 

If you’re looking to try a variety, then this is an absolute must-have for your spring wardrobe.
If you love to mix and match, then grab the Tamara skirt as well and make that debut we’ve all been dying to see.

Complete the look:

by John Chibuzz

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