What to Wear in Between Season | Honey Messy Bun For Shoulder Length Hair

What to Wear in Between Season | Honey Messy Bun For Shoulder Length Hair

When the temperatures rise, so does your styling prowess.

Today! I was working with My Luxe Fit for petite size in designer & luxury clothing brands.
They don’t usually carry smaller sizes for 5’3″ or under. I remember my first try on at Gucci back when I was a college student and the dress never fit me.
My stylist asked if I wanted to check out the kid clothing LOL, maybe I can squeeze in a Boy’s XL no?
Girls like me should look for collections specifically designed for shorter women, something that would fit this 5’2″ no brainer.
More and more brands are considering us little ladies petite sections;
Needy to say, petite sizing are demanding especially when the Influencer marketing
-many of us are not a Runway figure, generally that means shorter torsos and legs, and narrower shoulders.
But hey, we got boobs, bums and hips to factor-in too.
It is worth just going straight to bringing out petite sections!!!

Nothing a red romper cannot solve.
If you think a white tee with jeans is a running late go-to outfit, ladies I am telling you rompers are the new black.
They have plenty of pattern and colour options that keeps your day and night appropriate:
Easy-to-wear embroidered rompers that will keep you looking put-together;
or add an oversized blazer in pastel hues to create an office appropriate look.

Athena goes BLOND! I decided to let my hair go a bit lighter for summer.
AND! I did a big snip too (six inches wow), can you tell?
I did not realize how short my hair is until I gather my hair into a high ponytail: I kept catching air while I do my hair flip game. LOL
So that’s the story on how I came up with this messy bun.
Now that I have a thinner layer hair, I spend fewer time on styling my hair, and it is so much easier!
On the days that I don’t feel like whipping out my curling iron or straightener, I just twist my hair into a bun and get the day rolling.

I used a dry shampoo spray (Spray gives you more volume that powder), a hair rubber band, and bobby pins.

I gather my hair into a high ponytail and divide it into two equal sections, then I twist it downward and tuck it under the ponytail to make a crescent moon shape. Then I twist the remaining section over the ponytail so Ican hide the rubber band.
And I tuck in loose ends to give my bun more volumes!
And wala! Here’s your honey bun girl!

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  1. May 12, 2018 / 14:50

    That red romper is gorgeous! You look amazing in it! And I couldn’t agree with you more – more petite sizes are a total need. Glad you shared some awesome options ♡.

  2. May 13, 2018 / 12:26

    Shout out from another small lady! I love the messy bun look but can never quite pull it off, you look fab

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