The Modern Take on Japanese Fine Dining Cuisine: Zoku & Terrance at The Hari Hong Kong

The Modern Take on Japanese Fine Dining Cuisine: Zoku & Terrance at The Hari Hong Kong

Unpretentious restaurant which blends the culinary arts of Japanese cuisines
and varied menu with sensible size portions, efficient service and a nice atmosphere. 

Zoku is located on 2/F of Hari Hotel with dining area and outdoor seatings.
The Japanese menu and long shoshu list naturally draws
a mixed scene of steady flow of picky Japanese diners, local Hongkongers, business and curious travellers.
It turns out that reservations were a bit difficult to secure on a Mothers-Day’s Sunday,
but we managed to reserve a table on the following night.
We were given the loveliest table right by the terrance– it was just perfect on a gloomy day.
We drawn in by the tailored 6-courses experience tasting menu,
each comes in petit form which was enough for us. But if you’re a larger eater,
there’s always more food on the A La Carte menu stands by you.
We went on a full celebration mode and opted in for the 5 cocktails 6 shochu pairing, WILD.

The food was excellent. Of the trio of appetizers, we loved the wagyu daikon caviar the most.
Crab potato rice and a stunningly fresh sea snail chawanmushi had our mouths watering.

Paired with Kagami – tasted like lime, summery and boosted our appetites for the next courses.

Next, we were served a perfectly clear Mackerel. The fish had a fresh, so tender that it almost disintegrated on the tongue. The wasabi was creamy and rich, top notch.

Wine pairing with cool mini shochu – strong but brought out the freshness of the fish.
I waited the ice melted a little to take a sip.
Next up, was a Katsu Sando: Crispy pork belly with spring onion and
panca chilli and Yazakuma (sen) sour for pairing which gave lime, sweet potato notes.

Moving on to the main, this was the perfect lead in to the dish we’d all had our eye on –
Kurt-Dai (Black Sea Bream form Miyazaki).

We were honored to have chef Edwin Guzman come and served our table which made it the highlight of our evening. Shishito pepper, shimeji mushroom and mint smoothed in grassy flavor with subtle notes of citrus and pepper.

Paired with Umai (Rokuchosshi, cointreau, umamibitter, ginger beer shikuwasa). Meaty and savoury that deepens the flavor of Rokuchosshi

Zosui: Kumamoto rice, lobster, coriander oil
The server called it “Lobster sauce on a lobster”. And she was right! So luscious, rich and buttery without being too overwhelming.
The lobster was cooked perfectly and paired well together with Shiso Oyuwari.

Our friendly bartender had been enthusiastic about the cocktail before serving it- he said oolong tea + honey is unbeatable duo.
Not to mention, served in a warm pot just tasted delightful!
Also less alcohol because I was a little light headed after the penguin bottle (cool mini shochu). Lol

It’s a unique flavor that shines in creative cocktails, mocktails,
and culinary creations (perfume ingredients even!).

The dessert course of Shima Tofu
The fresh strawberries, tofu that tastes like sorbet dusted with Okinawa brown sugar.
Pairing with another “strong” shochu called Kurouma Kunteki to make a perfect end.

The overall dining experience was phenomenal and unforgettable.
The stories behind the tasting and wine tasting menu, from the Western-Japanese wooden tableware and decor to the fresh handpicked ingredients at every dish.
Check out my full review on my staying on Tripadvisor here.
All opinions are my own.

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